Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deadwood, Sturgis, Keystone

We are having more internet issues tonight. I thought WIFI was supposed to be good!!

Today we traveled from Hill City to Deadwood. It was a cool town that is nestled in the bottom of a gulch. The hill sides are very, very steep. The town burnt in 1879 and they rebuilt it in brick. This is where Wild Bill Hickock was killed and both he and Calamity Jane are buried up on Mt. Moriah. It is full of Casinos that you can take your kids into. We ate lunch at the infamous No. 10 Saloon where Hickock was killed. Wild Bill was there and told us some stories and reenacted his murder.

Then we traveled to Sturgis. We didn’t stop, but I can see why this territory is a draw to bikers. I did get a picture of the sign.

Next we traveled into Rapids City and headed toward Keystone (where Mt. Rushmore is). We stop at Bear Country USA. It is a drive thru wildlife park. There is an open section of both Grizzly and Black Bears. They were very entertaining.

"Hello Senor!" Is he not looking like he is sooo done with people taking his picture?

Then on the way back to Hill City, we went passed Mt. Rushmore. My take cool, but not as neat as Crazy Horse.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crazy Horse/BedRock/Custer State Park

Today we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial located just outside Custer, SD. It was commissioned by the Lakota Elders to teach the Whiteman that the Redman has great heroes as well. The sculptor was Korczak Ziolkowski and he worked on it from 1947 until his death in 1982. It is now being carried on by 7 of his 10 children. I can not tell you how amazing it was. Just the amount of talent to get the rock to blow off the mountain where you want it. I don’t know if it will ever be finished in my life time, but if so I WILL BE BACK!!

Check it out at

Then we swung on down to BedRock City with Fred and Barney. We got to see their houses and even rode in the Flintmobile!! The kids enjoyed it. The Bedrock Drive-in even sold Brontosaurs Burgers.

We finished off our day at Custer State Park taking the Wildlife Loop. We came around the corner and ran into three Bison Bulls just hanging out. There was tons of wildlife from Antelope, Prairie Dogs, Wild Burros, and the impressive Bison.

Tomorrow we are heading to Deadwood, Leeds, and Sturgis!! Hill City is a great place because it is in the middle of everything

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hill City, SD

We have made it to Hill City, SD. Saw Crazy Horse Memorial as we drove into town. Have much better internet today. Will try to post some picutures. Kiddos want to hit the 85 degree pool! Bryan has been driving a lot these last couple of days....but did get a free beer coozie in Newcastle, all he needs is some ice cold Bud Light Lime to put in it. There is lots to do in this area.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictures Farragut


Here are some pictures of Farragut State Park. My Grandpa Williams went to Naval Boot Camp there. I found his name in the roster book, but didn't find him in his Company picture.

Me attempting to make percalator coffee while I am freezing cold. I did bring my espresso machine, but we didn't have any electricity.

Garrett pointing to the sign

Day 4: Battlefield of Little Bighorn

Today we traveled from Three Forks, MT to Garryowen, MT. Garryowen is 3 miles from Last Stand Hill in the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

The visitors center is located right at the base of the hill and it has a trail leading up to the markers where Custer’s soldiers fell. As we were driving through it; it reminds me a lot of the rolling hill of the Eastern Oregon desert. I kept trying to imagine it in its original form without the present day white settlements/ranches. It didn’t look like a good place for a battle. This time of year it was really dry and all I could think of was the soldiers dying in the dry hot sun in the dry hot grass. It doesn't look like it was well thought out either.

The picture above is looking out towards the battlefield. Part is on private range land; lots of horses grazing.

Tomorrow we are going 297 miles to Hill City, SD. Hopefully we can get going early and make it a decent time. I originally wanted to go through Deadwood, but it looks like we’ll go on another day. The kids are having a hard time in the truck, but I am thankful we are traveling with our own private bathroom!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3

In Three Forks Montana
Another day from Hell. Pickup over heated the last 100 miles.

we have electricty though. Bryan is very excited about the a/c. Others of us are not.

still having computer issues typing in places I don't want it too

more tomorrow

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Farragut State Park/Silverwood Theme Park

Tonights Episode is a two day pit stop.

Day 1:

Trek to Farragut State Park, Athol, ID

We are having technical difficull ties. My blog is typing in places I don't want it to. So bear with me a little while. Keeps back spacing and all sorts of fun stuff
Havng electrical issue with trailer.

Posting some pict until I can get this thing going again. Well Maybe :(


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